Research and Data regarding Police and Prison Abolition

A map of Maryland showing imprisonment rate and distance to inpatient mental health facilities with crisis intervention.

Prisoners of a Broken System: Investigating the Relationship Between High Imprisonment Rates and Access to Inpatient Mental Health Care in Maryland - A Bayesian Analysis (February 2024)


Pleading Change: Unraveling the Impact of Bail Reform on Guilty Pleas in Harris County - An Ex-Post Policy Analysis (December 2023)

A diagram of bail reform influencing length of detention, reduced plea deas, and increased equality in the justice system.

Equal Justice Under the Law: Examining the Impacts of Bail Reform in Harris County - A Proposed Study Outlined (May 2023)


The Price of Pretrial Detention: Avoidable Impacts of Pretrial Detention on Families and Children - A Research Proposal (May 2023)

A map of Georgia showing the capacity and location of prisons, color coded to indicate type of facility.

Empty Promises of Prosperity: Prison Towns and Quality of Life in Rural Georgia - A Spatial Analysis (November 2023)